Friday, February 5, 2010


Blockers: Hmmmm, I guess we can interpret it in out own way. No matter how one wants to describe its meaning, but something thats blocked cant flow, or get through or by the way it wants or need to.
So i say this to bring up my next suggestion. " YOU MUST AVOID BLOCKERS" in your life they come in many ways and forms. Examples: People, situations, foods, Attitude and actions. With these blockers there are consequences, now dont get scared and worry not. What you need to get excited about is. you can get around blockers! You have the power, God gave each and every one of us the power to get rid of human matter thats in our way.
You see people(the bible relates to people as man), man can be tricky. So you must know GOD to understand man. People can be for or against us, and this can bring situations. Now situations can be good or bad.(but isn't that part of life? hmmmm). Now depending on situations in our life food will step in, we'll eat more of it or less, some of us will be able to balance it out. If you eat too little food, its not healthy, if you eat to much food its not healthy. So this can definetly affect our well being and our attitude. With the wrong attitude, comes bad judgement and poor decision making. ALL of these matters are the effects of our ACTIONS.
Just some food for thought, AVOID blockers with prayers and the right attitude. Get rid of whats not good for YOU, so your not blocked. Life is beautiful and meant to live, even with all the good and bad. So use the GOD given power he has blessed you with and live your life. May Grace and Mercy continue to be bestowed upon you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

THINKING OUT LOUD? We would like to hear from you! -Voice and the People

Our senses were planted before we were conceived
whether they were developed, what will be will be
They were given so we can have a sense of direction
but isn't that why christ had a Resurrection

We cant always go on what we feel they sometimes
can be unreal. Sight,touch,smell,hear and taste all
are a given, but they at times can become distorted

We must trust in a higher power, and let go of thee
there's more to this world then the human eye can see
People are always searching for what could be
then living in the moment that can unfold destiny

We all are set on this god given earth for a purpose
be comfortable in your skin there will be no more searching
flaws and all we were created beautiful
life happened and now your questioning " why me"?
Your part of gods plan, just follow in his footsteps.
people he's reaching out his hand!

grab and hold on search your heart and believe
now do you see why you were meant to be.


Word of assignment of Tim Geithner former President of the New York Federal Reserve for Treasury Secretary and Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton as Director of National Economic Counsel showed signs of approval by investors as the stock market rose 447 points following the release of Obama’s choices to help lead in the improvement of our economy.

Obama has directed his economic team to assemble a plan that will save or create 2.5 million jobs by 2011. The team will focus on areas such as rebuilding roads, bridges, modernizing schools as well as alternative energy.

Another issue of concern is the automobile industry. We have Ford, GM and Chrysler on the verge of bankruptcy and looking for a bail-out. Why would the government bail out CEO big wigs that fly private jets to meetings? The CEO’s of the big 3 paid over $200,000 to fly ½ hour to meet in Washington, DC to discuss a plan to save the industry. When asked why private jets were use Rick Wagoner, General Motors Chairman and CEO answered “we have a very busy schedule. 2 jets have been grounded since.

These automobile companies have been over compensated for too long. CEO’s have been spending on areas that should be cut. Bankruptcy seems the best solution. NO MORE BAIL-OUTS using taxpayers money. It’s time to bail-out the taxpayer!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


As a writer of my blog, I have spoken to individuals who rely
on public transportation and ride the subway and buses.
We all believe the MTA is not being straight. They always claim to be
loosing money, but lets be serious, they own 9 bridges, 23 subway lines, and 386 bus lines.

NOW, they are making increases, ridership is at an all time high and service seems to never improve. So how are they strapped for cash? Only the MTA can cut service and raise fares at the same time, and anguish people.

There has to be other means to meet projections other then raising fares and cutting service. Why not offer off-peak fares on the bus and subway lines like the LIRR? Why not cancel serving alcohol on LIRR, there has to be other ways!

Your input can be helpful. Those of you who are fed up and have suggestions on beating a fare hike, please advise by responding in the comment box.


Lebron " KING " James must feel really special. Within the next two years he will be courted by everyone from Jay-Z to Warren Buffett. He has a chance to be beyond a Mega-Star. Tiger who? Michael?

There is a chance that in the right market Lebron can be the Biggest Sport figure ever seen. That being said, he still plays for the Cleveland Caviliers and he must show some loyalty. However, I believe if Cleveland does not reach the NBA finals by 2010 it's ALL SHE WROTE!

Can you see it,#23 in a NY Knicks uniform? We just might get a change if Lebron chooses Madison Square Garden as his home. With the trades recently done by the Knicks, they can throw enough money at Lebron and also Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh or Amare as a possible team mate for bait. Who wouldn't bite? The engagement has just been proposed, now it's upon Lebron to accept the marriage.

Friday, November 21, 2008


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay! Real Housewives of Atlanta fans, what do you think about the season ending show that aired November 18, 2008?

I was addicted to that show. The Ladies of RHOA definitely knew how to entertain their audience. The only concern I had is I couldn't really tell what was real and what was fiction. What do you think?

Fans don’t forget to catch the RHOA re-union on November 25, 2008 at 9pm on Bravo channel. I believe that's when the real dirt will be revealed. That should be really juicy!

Real House Wives Of Atlanta update:

Okay what do you think of the re-union show that aired last night 11/25/08 at 9pm on the Bravo channel? I tell you in my opinion they are too much!

I dont know about you, but i wonder are they real friends when they're off the cameras. Did you see the faces Nene and Sheree were making to eachother throughout the show? I found it interesting that Nene and Lisa are writing a book togethere on domestic volience.

I know Nene said she was in an abusive relationship before, does anybody know if Lisa was? I really do hope Nene foundations Twisted Hearts succeed, she seems really passionate about it. DeShawn let viewers know she is currently in school she receive her Master Degree in Divinity. I wish her much success, she seems like a beautiful person and very humble.

Please feel free to update me on information you may have about the Real House Wives Of Atlanta.
Please respond in the comment box.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Additional Subjects

How are you handling the crisis with the economy? Please leave responses in the comment box...

Is there any advice anyone has to offer to families on survival in times such as now?
Any/All suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated. Please respond in the comment box.

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